I'm Danika, a multidisciplinary artist + filmmaker. Welcome to the Art and Advertising love child that is my portfolio of work. 


A surprisingly adventurous upbringing across Europe, Africa, and North-America means I’ve had my fair share of eccentric experiences. In my short 25 years, I’ve discovered what I'm passionate about and what I’m terrible at, and luckily they only overlap some of the time. I'm pretty "arty" for an Ad person, and maybe a little "ady" for an Art person. But I like to think it's this very combination that keeps things interesting and lets me tackle problems with style and pizzazz.


I'm classically trained in Fine Art, Art Direction, and Film, but I wrote my Masters in Advanced Marketing Management and Psychology—so I'm a bit all-over-the-place in (I hope) the best way possible.

I've worked with creative agencies in Vietnam, New York, Toronto, Berlin, and London, and I'm hoping we can work together next. Get in touch with me HEREand download my CV HERE.