so why me?

why art direction?

Hmm, where to begin.


A diverse upbringing across Europe, Africa, and North-America means I’ve had my fair share of eccentric experiences. In my short 23 years, I’ve definitely discovered what I am passionate about, and I’ve also discovered what I’m terrible at, and luckily, dancing is the only time those two things overlap. I think and communicate across so many different creative mediums, I solve problems by finding loop-holes and thinking critically about my own ideas, and I have the heart and soul of an artist. 


So why not art direction?  


My mom calls me a "multitalented strategist and artist" (her words not mine), and my dad says it's my insatiable curiosity that drives my work into often odd and exciting new places. 


I have a firm grasp on philosophy and psychology, and those passions have become defining pieces of my character. They've also helped give me incredible depth and insight into further understanding the fascinating matrix that is this industry.


I am constantly questioning what I think I know and what my creative limits are, which were unsettling qualities until I discovered Advertising. 


People call me Dani, sometimes "Dan" against my will

I was born in Toronto, Canada, April 27th 1995

I'm Canadian German, with dual citizenship and fluency in both languages


2017 - 2019               




2017 - 2019                 


2013 - 2017                  


2009 - 2013                  

M.Sc. Management and Innovation 

Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation, Berlin


Art Direction Portfolio Program               

Miami Ad School Berlin

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Queen's University, Canada

International Baccalaureate Program

Colonel By Secondary School, Canada

American International School of Mozambique, Africa

special skills







Fluency in English, German, French

Some proficiency in Portuguese, Mandarin

Adobe Creative Cloud, UX 

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe XD, Premier, After Effects

Photography, video production, visual art 

Proficient with different camera equipment and across various artistic mediums

Communication, interpersonal skills

Extroverted, verbally confident, leadership knowledge and abilities, adaptable 


Advanced Scuba Diver

I'm not sure how this last one might be relevant, but you never know




0162 57 48 231