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Your Story Matters


Client: Avon South Africa/UK

Agency: VaynerMedia London

We discovered that Avon Representatives in South Africa rely heavily on selling their products door to door and within their communities and social circles rather than online, like many of the Reps in the UK. So to make sure Avon Reps in South Africa were able to keep selling their products safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, we set up a free global masterclass teaching the top tips and principles of selling on social media, and how to set up a personal brand online.

Featuring Avon CEO Angela Cretu and VaynerMedia's CEO Gary Vaynerchuk, the engaging 8-part series on Social Selling and finding your voice and influence online will be available to Reps on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and in Avon's internal training channels. This project was part of Avon's larger #MyStoryMatters campaign, which aims to collect 1 million stories of women around the world who's lives have been changed by what they've been able to achieve and overcome with Avon's rep program.


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