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Art Direction / Social Media (global) / Branding


2020 was a crazy year all around (in a ton of bad ways but also some good), but one extra spicy happening was the birth of Gorillas, the fastest start up to reach Unicorn status in European history. And the great news is, I got to be apart of the team taking Gorillas far beyond Germany, helping them expanding across 11 new markets worldwide. I was on the Brand/Design team at Gorillas HQ in Berlin and lead the global Social Media Art Direction team along with the heads of Content and Design. 

The role had a lot of challenges and exciting milestones. Our goal was to expand the brand from its original quirky and fun/scrappy look and feel into a sleek and polished global lifestyle brand that would earn its own place in culture. I oversaw the development of a global social media tool kit and CI that we rolled across all markets, and worked in collaboration with local creators and managers in all markets to bring their social channels to life in ways that reflected the brand while being conscious of what makes each market tick.

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