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A diverse upbringing across Europe, Africa, and North-America means I’ve had my fair share of eccentric experiences. In my short 24 years, I’ve discovered what I'm passionate about and what I’m truly terrible at, and luckily, dancing is one of the only times those two things overlap dramatically. I have the crazed soul of an artist with the overly-analytical mind of your most difficult family member, but I like to think it's this very combination that keeps things interesting and lets me tackle problems with "pizzazz."

My mom calls me a "multitalented strategist and artist" (on a good day), and my dad says it's my insatiable curiosity that drives my work into often odd and exciting new places. 

My work tends to be quite personal because I’m constantly drawing inspiration from my everyday life and the people I love. My main goal is to bring a thoughtfulness and electricity to the world around me by infusing everything I do with my capacity to love, and my desire to never stop exploring the many things I don’t yet understand. 


I'd love to chat!

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