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bank of movement

& activity 


The Bank of Movement and Activity is in the business of killing two birds with one stone. 

With money rapidly becoming obsolete in the modern age, BMA has started a completely fresh and new currency that revolves around the minutes of exercise and movement completed by an individual in a day. More minutes = more capital.

BMA believes people should get the opportunity to have a fresh start and make money a different way. 

With this new currency initiative, The Bank of Movement and Activity is both offering a positive alternative way to make money, and is providing a new incentive to combat the obesity and health crisis facing the western world. 

Complete with online banking, movement and activity tracking, and its own bank note design, The Bank of Movement and Activity could be the innovative solution we need to help alleviate our health and economic crises - at the same time.

Art Direction: Danika Baker-Sohn

Copywriting: Danika Baker-Sohn

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