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Art Direction / Content / Illustration

Together with VaynerMedia London, I worked on a 3-month intensive paid media campaign for WeWork (German market) where we targeted specific cohorts with a bunch of different content to gain insight into what stuck with our audience. Nearly a hundred pieces of content and lots of data later, we were able to present the client with our extensive findings, explain our plan for extending the best performing concepts, and advise them on their next steps and the best direction for their rebrand and marketing strategy.


Timelines and budget on this project were very tight. All of the following assets were posted as ads to social media, and were always made in the span of 2 days per group of assets. Craftsmanship was put more on the back-burner for this project, as our main objective was to figure out what kind of messaging resonated most with specific target audiences. In the wise words of Vayner's CEO Gary Vaynerchuck, each piece should be the simplest version of the idea.     

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